A   R   T  H  R  O  P  O  D  A

The phylum Arthropoda is the largest and most varied in the animal kingdom. It includes well over one million described species. This represents approximately three-quarters of all known biological organisms, living or extinct.

The exploration of Arthropoda is an ongoing body of work by R A E A N A, beginning with a release of the first capsule collection- Arthropoda Elytra.  

Each piece from the collection is inspired by abstracting the elytra of black ground beetles.  Despite the remarkable variety of Arthropod species, all share aspects of a single basic body plan.  All arthropods possess a stiff exoskeleton- an external skeleton composed primarily of chitin a tough, semitransparent substance.  The external skeleton offers organisms protection as well as support for the body.  The Arthropoda Elytra collection is the hybrid of fantasy and function.