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RAEANA is a conceptual luxury brand established in New York by its eponymous Creative Director & Designer.  Renowned for bold silhouettes, and artisanal fur & leather craftsmanship, the brand champions an aesthetic described as dark, and alluring.

Each collection is an exploration of fantasy and function - curating narratives through sculptural silhouettes, with a consciousness of the female form.  The current collection,  inspired by beetles of the phylum Arthropoda, is an exploration of form and texture.  Each silhouette is inspired by the heavily striated elytra of Passalidae beetles,  interpreted through the use of finely pleated leather. 

Raeana is a graduate of Parsons School of Design.  She gained an affinity for artisanal fur craftsmanship after training at the worlds foremost creative laboratory for developing new ideas in fur - The Saga Furs Design Centre. 

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